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Karuna Precision Wellness Center is the only cancer rehabilitation and wellness center of its kind. Our program is comprised of three areas of focus; physical, mental, and nutritional health. Treatment at Karuna Precision Wellness Center begins with a comprehensive wellness assessment that is free of cost. The assessment provides valuable information in the formulation of an individualized wellness plan for each client. We currently offer this service virtually with our Client Navigator, Heather Pinkerton, and Wellness Director, Dr. Jamie Renbarger, Division Chief Hematology Oncology at Indiana University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics. This baseline assessment allows us to build a personalized plan to optimize long-term health and wellness based on your individual needs. While our center is closed during the pandemic for in-person visits, we offer a range of services online:

  • Personalized Nutrition

    Kathleen Comerford

    Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist

    Nutrition is the foundation of an integrative approach to wellness and our program is designed for therapeutic nutrition for cancer survivors and their families. 70-80% of our immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract and is directly impacted by the food we eat. As a clinical nutritionist, Kathleen is trained to look for the root cause of nutritional imbalances and use food-as-medicine to support optimal health. Kathleen keeps current on the latest advances in nutrition science and translates them into dietary guidance to help prevent and manage disease. She works with clients to optimize nutrient intake, absorption, and utilization so your body body can function at its best. Kathleen can also design a program to support wellness for caregivers and families. Each client interested in Kathleen's services can participate in a 15 minute exploratory call. The initial assessment fee includes a 1 to 1.5-hour consultation followed by a 45-minute strategy session about a week later. At the initial consult, she explores your goals, health history, current health status, lifestyle, and diet, including your tastes and preferences. With this information, Kathleen creates the foundation of your unique nutrition and wellness plan. The second appointment is the strategy session which focuses on your plan, including an overview of your individualized path toward wellness and a deeper discussion of the first steps toward achieving your goals.

    Initial Assessment (includes 1.5 hour meeting and analysis of your dietary history and goals): $165

    Follow Up to Assessment (strategy session outlining plan and discussion of plan): $85

    Follow Up Sessions: $85

  • Personalized Counseling

    Dr. Sarah Lowery Henning

    Licensed Psychologist

    Sarah Lowery Henning, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist who completed her master’s degree at Indiana University and doctoral training at Arizona State University. For the last 8 years, she has been in private practice in Indianapolis. Dr. Henning works with patients ranging in age from high school through adult. She specializes in depression, anxiety, transitions, ADHD, eating disorders, and career assessment. Dr. Henning has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals and cancer treatment centers. She loves working for a place that attends to mind, body, spirit,and emotion in one setting.

    Initial Session: $125

    Subsequent Sessions: $100

  • Exercise Prescription Development & Training with Cancer Exercise Specialists

    Through a virtual assessment, an exercise prescription will be created based on your fitness level and ability. Karuna Precision provides individualized, prescriptive exercise as part of the recovery from cancer treatment-related symptoms. Studies have demonstrated exercise as an effective treatment for neuropathy, a common side effect of cancer treatment. Our trainers have been educated in exercise for cancer survivors and are ready to train each client at whatever level of fitness they are in. A typical session begins with cardiovascular exercise, followed by resistance training, balance activities, flexibility, and stretching. Your trainer can make recommendations of tools and equipment you can use at home to maximize impact of your workout.

    Individual Sessions: $15

  • Educational, Vocational, and Life Coaching

    Donna Romack

    Educational, Vocational, and Life Coach

    Donna Romack is a career educator who has spent many years supporting student learning from ages 3 to 60+ years old. Donna helps develop both short and long-term positive outcomes from a whole person approach by providing intentional personalized interventions and by helping individuals formulate goals and then supporting them to achieve these goals. She is an advocate and encourager. The transition from end of cancer treatment back to everyday life is tough and the struggles are very real though not always visible to onlookers. Donna educates by informing and enhancing understanding and generating empathy and compassion towards survivors, family members, friends, and members of the larger community. Donna’s desire is to help survivors thrive in every aspect of their lives by gaining vision and zest for life.

    45-minute Sessions: $45

  • Neuropsychological Assessments

    Dr. April Krowel, PhD, HSPP

    Licensed Health Service Provider in Psychology

    Dr. Krowel specializes in the neuropsychological assessment of adults with a wide variety of neurological disorders, medical diagnoses, and psychiatric conditions. Many cancer survivors experience cognitive issues following cancer treatment and need assistance in learning what their deficits are and how to address them. Dr. Krowel uses a comprehensive and integrated approach to neuropsychological assessment. Her goal is to help patients understand the impact of their condition on their everyday functioning and to provide useful recommendations that address the concerns of the patient, family, and referring provider. Dr. Krowel offers supportive consultation to caregivers interested in learning ways to manage and improve the well-being of family members with neurocognitive deficits, as well as ways to manage their own stress. Karuna Precision Wellness Center uses this assessment to inform treatment through cognitive retraining therapy.

    Neuropsychological Evaluation, Psychological Evaluation, or Neuropsychological and Psychological Testing: $250+ depending on service. Several forms of insurance accepted.

  • Neurocognitive Retraining Therapy

    Dr. Tammy Sajdyk and Donna Romack

    Many cancer survivors experience "chemobrain," a cognitive impairment resulting from chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. Symptoms may include decreased short-term memory, problems finding words, short attention span, and difficulty concentrating and multitasking. The best way to get a complete picture of your cognitive functioning is to have neuropsychological testing. Following your test, program staff at Karuna Precision Wellness Center offer therapy based on Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM). The theory suggests systemic change occurs through an interaction between the client and the mediator. It is through this interaction that the learner is taught to process and interact with information across all aspects of their lives in a new manner. This method is called the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE). Sessions can be done individually or in small groups.

    Individual Session: $55

  • Acupuncture

    Erica Siegel

    Licensed Acupuncurist

    Recent advances in acupuncture clinical research suggest that acupuncture may provide clinical benefit for cancer patients with treatment-related side effects such as nausea and vomiting, post-operative pain, cancer related pain, chemotherapy-induced leukopenia, post-chemotherapy fatigue, xerostomia, and possibly insomnia, anxiety, and quality of life. Erica Siegel advanced through rigorous training for practicing acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. After studying for 3,200 hours and seeing over 1,000 hours of patients in California, she continued her studies in China. Erica has a successful practice she founded in 2006. She continues her practice while sharing her time with clients at Karuna Precision. This service will be available at Karuna Precision Wellness Center at the Healthplex on Guion Road in Indianapolis when activities are no longer restricted due to COVID-19.

    Initial Assessment: $195

    Individual Sessions: $95

  • Therapeutic Massage

    Natalie George

    Licensed Massage Therapist

    The mind, body, and spirit connection is an important component in the healing process. When our thoughts, feelings, and bodily experience are in harmony, we are much more likely to feel healthy and whole. During her 10 years of experience in energy healing and bodywork, Natalie has trained in many modalities so she can help you on your journey to health and wholeness. In addition to Swedish massage, she offers diverse techniques such as OrthoBionomy, Lymph Drainage, CranioSacral and Energy Healing. Her unique skillset results in massage sessions which are tailored to the needs of the individual client. Natalie can address your everyday aches and pains in addition to helping chronic issues. Her BA in Medical Sociology helps her better understand the context for each person's medical history and the impact it has on their current physical challenges. Her goal is always to create a peaceful environment where her clients can find balance in their journey to wellness. Massage promotes relaxation and boosts the body's production of endorphins which can help relieve stress, reduce pain levels and swelling, and loosen aching, tense muscles. Massage also helps improve mood and quality of life. A diagnosis of cancer often increases anxiety, depression, and anxiety over the possibility of recurrence. Regular massage can reduce anxiety and help create a prolonged sense of well-being, improving a client's overall mood. This service will be available at Karuna Precision Wellness Center at the Healthplex on Guion Road in Indianapolis when activities are no longer restricted due to COVID-19.

    Individual Sessions: $75

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