• Provider

    Bev Rella

  • Nutritional Refresh


    A one-hour session to discuss your nutritional goals and health history. A personalized menu plan or recipe book is the result of our session.

  • Nutritional Reset


    Starting with a one-hour session to review your history and food diary, we will follow up with two more 30-minute sessions to work through your new plan.

  • Nutritional Remodel: Best for clients who want to go “all in” to reimagine their diet.

    We will discuss supportive diets, supplementation and applicable testing. This process will involve multiple sessions and is highly individualized. Pricing is dependent on your particular situation and can be discussed during our free initial call.

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Personalized Nutrition with Bev Rella


Nutrition is the foundation of an integrative approach to wellness, and our program is designed for therapeutic nutrition for cancer survivors and their families. Between 70 and 80% of our immune system is in the gastrointestinal tract and is directly affected by the food we eat.

Bev is a nutrition therapist and a graduate of the Nutrition Therapy Institute. She is also a Certified Gluten Practitioner. Bev is passionate about supporting her clients as they move toward better health through improved nutrition. Bev practices functional nutrition--the idea that we can improve our health with food, lifestyle changes and working on that ever-present stress.

Clients who are interested in working with Bev are invited to schedule a free 20-minute exploratory call to see if you are the right fit to work together.